SWOT analysis supports the planning process of DM Security

Every competent leader reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of his/her organization as well as the external opportunities and threats that the organization may face. This process, commonly known as SWOT analysis, is also a useful tool in leadership and management capability development. That is why EUPOL has included SWOT to its toolkit for supporting the organisational development and long-term strategic planning of the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

On Monday 25 January Deputy Minister of Security, General Mohammad Ayoub Salangi and his Chief of Staff, Major General Abdul Zia Kohestani initiated together with the EUPOL Deputy Head of Mission Tarmo Miilits, Deputy Head of ANP Professionalization and Training Component, Margus Kotter and Senior MoI Reform Adviser, Anthony Thomas the SWOT analysis about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to their plans and activities.

In the first meeting General Salangi explained his priorities as a Deputy Minister. Furthermore, issues like the importance of both horizontal and vertical cooperation inside the Ministry of Interior were discussed. Deputy Minister Salangi wants all his Heads of Units to participate in the SWOT mapping process and he asked EUPOL to organise and lead a seminar where the analysis for the DM Security will be elaborated.

EUPOL experts have already started similar processes with the DM for Strategy and Policy, Masood Ahmad Azizi and the DM for Administration, Ikramuddin Yawar to ensure that all the plans of the MoI are compatible and fit the strategic purposes.