“2016, a year to focus on quality rather than quantity”

Kabul, January 2016. The total number of the Afghan National Police is nearly 157, 000 and this is the target the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) wanted to reach. However, the trainer of the Police Staff College Major Wahida Rezaie states: “2016 should be a year to focus on quality rather than quantity. Instead of 100 police officers who can’t perform their tasks in their units, we need 10 officers who can really do their work.”

Different courses, especially Female Teacher Courses have been conducted by Major Wahida at the Police Staff College and she believes that Afghan trainers have high capacity to train the police. She also recalls a management and leadership seminar she attended herself in Germany. The one-week seminar, as part of EUPOL’s project to improve leadership, management and control skills for the MoI and Afghan police was conducted in December 2015 in Dusseldorf. “It was a very good experience for us. We shared our knowledge with our colleagues here in Afghanistan and this experience-sharing will go on”, says Major Wahida.

The courses conducted by Major Wahida at the Police Staff College mainly focus on leadership, management and Human Rights. Her students are mostly Afghan women who joined the police or want to attend capacity building courses. Major Wahida claims: “The feedback from the courses conducted here comparing to the police training programme for Afghan female police in Turkey has showed that the women trained in Afghanistan have more self-confidence than those trained in Turkey.” However, she also adds: “As security is the main challenge for Afghan women and they cannot attend the courses and police training programmes in Afghanistan, Turkey is still a much better option to train more female police. At least their security is ensured.”

Major Wahida says she is optimistic about the future of the country, but she also stresses the problems in Afghanistan which shouldn’t be ignored by the government. “Insecurity and lack of job opportunities for the young people have forced many Afghans to leave the country. Afghanistan belongs to all Afghans, not only the government and the security forces, everybody should take part in enhancing prosperity of the country.”