2016, a chance to prosper

Kabul, January 2016. The people of Afghanistan are still waiting for peace and sustainability but an experienced police officer, First Lieutenant Ramin Toofanzoi believes in a brighter future: “In my opinion 2016 will be a year of prosperity if people and the police work together to bring peace to this country .”

Toofanzoi, who is working in one of the police districts in Kabul, states that the Afghan National Police (ANP) has developed remarkably, thanks to the enhanced management skills: “Capacity building of the leadership at strategic level has really left a positive impact on the police.” However, according to Lieutenant Toofonzai, the people and police should work together even more closely: “Police-e Mardume (Community Policing) is the only way which will enable the police to enforce law in the remote villages and districts of Afghanistan. It is possible only if the local people participate in this process and that is why the ANP need to gain even more trust among the citizens.”

Lieutenant Toofanzoi was previously working as operational controller at the Supreme Court and he recalls a number of corruption cases in which he arrested judges involved in corruption. “We arrested judges involved in bribery cases. I have to say in the past the ANP and judiciary officials were involved in corruption, but it has changed now. Fight against corruption has started from top to bottom which has resulted in positive achievements.”

In January 2016, Lieutenant Toofanzoi has a message for the young generation: “Do not leave your country. The future of this country belongs to you, and Afghanistan needs you.” On the other hand, he calls on the Afghan government to ensure educational and job opportunities for the young generation. “If the Afghan government could provide all the opportunities for the young generations, they would not go after unrealistic and uncertain dreams in other countries.”