Community Policing: Meetings with citizens result in cooperation and trust

Kabul, January 2016. The Police-e Mardume (Community Policing) Department in the Afghan Minister of Interior (MoI) has organised meetings between the police and citizens in the provinces. What has been the result of these meeting? The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organised a consultation workshop to discuss the achievements and lessons learned from these meetings in the provinces. The workshop at EUPOL Headquarters was attended by officials from UNDP, MoI and Civil Society organisations. 

The outcome of meetings conducted between the people and the police was positive as they increased cooperation between the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the citizens. The increased cooperation, listening to the problems of the people and finding solutions to them in turn resulted in increased trust on the police. Brigadier General Humayoon Ainee stated that the relationship between the people and the police has changed positively and the people trust the police. However, BG Ainee also reminded the participants of the workshop about the reality the ANP face today: “The ANP is still acting as a paramilitary force. The Afghan police should perform their main task which is the enforcement of law and providing policing services.”  

EUPOL Deputy Head of Mission, Tarmo Miilits said: “The police and people are much closer than before and it is the result of Police-e Mardume meetings and training courses in Kabul and other provinces. We appreciate the efforts the MoI has put in achieving these goals.”