2016, a year of hope and despair

Kabul, January 2016. After many years of war as well as reconstruction and international support to Afghanistan, the Afghans are still struggling with many threats and economic uncertainty. However, Staff Sergeant Khial Mohammad Ahmadzai believes in the success of Afghan National Security Forces and peace process. He hopes that the Government can stop the pernicious interference of some neighboring countries and, at the same time, he hopes that the positive development of the Afghan National Police (ANP) will continue.

Staff Sergeant Khial started as a police officer 25 years ago. At the moment he has 35 policemen under his leadership in one of the police districts in Kabul.  “ANP has improved a lot compared to the previous years. Many things have gotten better: There are new systems and structures in the Ministry of Interior have supported the professionalization of police, the leadership and management has evolved, the police are better equipped and their behavior toward people is friendly. The police officers provide service to citizens rather than act as a coercive tool of governing elites.”

As a result, the perception about ANP has changed and people trust police more and are willing to accept ANP as a law enforcement body. “There have certainly been changes and improvements, but ultimately it is the spirit of community service that can make the real difference by fostering wider trust”, says Staff Sergeant Khial.

When speaking about his expectations for the year 2016, Staff Sergeant Khial admits that the unfortunate situation where the police still have to fight against terrorists undermines the possibilities of the ANP to carry out its main task which is maintaining law and order.  “Most Afghans have lost hope in peace negotiations and particularly in the government’s ability to find a political solution. Our leaders must work hard to stop the interference of neighboring countries in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Foreign interventions has fueled Afghan fighting and this situation has to come to an end.”


EUPOL PPIO will publish in January a series of articles where the Afghans speak about their visions and expectations for the year 2016.