ANP Professionalisation and Training Component

The main purpose of the ANP (Afghan National Police) Professionalisation and Training Component (Line of Operation 2) is to support the increase of professionalism of ANP.
The Component has two Units: Training Unit and Police Unit. Training Unit is has three sections: General Training Command, Police Staff College and Crime Management College. Police Unit includes Investigations and Intel Team and Community and Command Team.
The tasks of the ANP Professionalisation and Training Component include:
  • Support to the Community Policing concept.
  • Support to Intelligence-led policing.
  • Support to Crime investigation capacities.
  • Improve sustainable recruitment of, career development opportunities for and retention rate of female police officers.
  • Support the cooperation between the ANP and the AGO.
  • Support improved leadership and Command and Control capabilities.
  • Support capacity development of the Training General Command and the enforcement of the Code of Conduct within the ANP.