Ministry of Interior Reform Component

The core purpose of the Ministry of Interior Reform Component (Line of Operation 1) is to enhance the institutional reform and capacities within the Ministry of Interior (MoI) relevant for advancing civilian policing. The component supports the development of capabilities of ministerial leadership and senior officials to facilitate both organisational and individual improvement within the MoI and the Afghan National Police (ANP). The Component has three units: Ministry Reform Unit, International Support Coordination Unit and Police MoI Oversight and Accountability Unit. Head of the Ministry of Interior Reform Component is Phillip Haynes.
In 2015 the component has 11 Afghan counterparts or advisees including deputy ministers for security, administrative affairs and policy and strategy as well as Inspector general.
An essential task is to support ministerial leadership and senior officials in developing a management culture consistent with common Rule of Law standards and best practices.
Other tasks of the Ministry of Interior Reform Component:
  • Support the MoI in enhancing the quality of legislation, policies and their implementation.
  • Support the relevant MoI structures dealing with legal, Anti-Corruption, gender and human rights affairs.
  • Support the MoI in the establishment of community policing structures.
  • Support the MoI to develop capabilities needed for efficient force resourcing allocation.
  • Support in mainstreaming gender aspects in civilian policing capabilities.
  • Support the relevant MoI department to become an efficient body for international police support coordination.
  • Support the improvement of cooperation and information exchange of law enforcement actors.
  • Support the development of the Professional Standards Department.
  • Support the use of internal and external police disciplinary mechanism and a recognized oversight system.
  • Support the enforcement of the revised Code of Conduct.