Phillip Haynes, Head of MoI Reform Component

Phillip Haynes (UK) took up his position as the Head of the MoI Reform Component on 27 August 2015 after having worked for the same component as the Deputy Head since August 2014. He has 25 years of police experience within the UK Police Service. Prior to joining the police he completed 5 years in the British Army in the Royal Engineers. During his career he has worked as an operational frontline officer, within the traffic department, community policing, and criminal investigation department and as a member of the tactical operations group before he sought promotion to senior command.

Prior to leaving the UK to join the mission Phillip was working as the Head of Criminal Justice and Internal Audit for Gloucestershire Constabulary and was responsible for the delivery of a twenty million pound custody building, large IT projects and improving the efficiency of justice in Gloucestershire. Philip has significant leadership experience in a wide range of policing areas including community policing, detention and criminal investigation, information management, project and programme management and strategic incident command.   He is a trained mentor and advisor and is used to working in a national multi-agency environment to tackle significant community issues and critical incidents. Phillip is trained in media and marketing and is regularly called upon to lead the press liaison team at major public events.

Phillip Haynes has a degree in Community Engagement and Governance and is a nationally qualified Strategic Firearms and Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Incident Commander.

He is married and has two children. In his leisure time he enjoys mountain biking, hill walking, sports and keeping fit.