Tarmo Miilits, Deputy Head of Mission

General Inspector (MG) Tarmo Miilits (Estonia) is the Deputy Head of Mission since April 2015. He previously worked as the Head of the Ministry of Interior Reform Component within EUPOL.

He joined the EUPOL mission in Afghanistan in December 2013 as the Head of the Field Component after serving in the Estonian police force for 28 years – going all the way back to the re-establishment of the Estonian Police from the Soviet Militia. This translates into unique and extensive experience in both building a brand new police organization and managing the structural development of the police administration in Estonia.

Before joining the mission, Miilits worked as the Deputy Director General of the Estonian Police. His main duty was to develop and supervise the Public Peace and Order Police at the strategic management level. His responsibilities also included countrywide policy planning, supervising police activities during VIP state visits and coordinating police work during crisis management as well as disaster relief operations.

From 2007 to 2009, he worked as the Police Director of the Estonian Police Board, and before that, as the Head of the Public Order Police in the Nordic Prefecture, also serving as Deputy Head of the Capital Police. He additionally has experience as the head of various police stations and as an instructor of special police tactics and self-defence.

Miilits graduated from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences with a Master of Social Sciences Degree. He also has a Diploma in Policing (Policing and Police Management). He has been working on his PhD at Tallinn Technical University since September 2013. In addition to his native Estonian, Miilits speaks English, Russian and Finnish.