The EU's relations with the Andean Community

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The Andean Community was founded in 1969 and, after the withdrawal of Venezuela in 2006, currently comprises four countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The European Union political dialogue with the Andean Community began in 1996 with the Declaration of Rome pdf - 19 KB [19 KB] (1996). Once ratified, this will be replaced by the Political Dialogue & Cooperation Agreement   of 2003, which will constitute the framework for our relations. However it has not entered into force yet.

Following the breakdown of negotiations in view of a fully fledged three pillar Association Agreement in the second half of 2008, a new negotiating format was put in place offering a thematic and geographical split of these negotiations: continued regional negotiations with the Andean Community as a whole on political dialogue and cooperation (an update of the 2003 Agreement referred to above) and 'multi-party' trade negotiations with as many Andean Community countries as willing to embark upon ambitious and comprehensive trade negotiations compatible with World Trade Organization. The latter started with three of the Andean Community countries (Peru, Colombia and Ecuador) in February 2009. The negotiations ended successfully in March 2010 with Peru and Colombia. However, Ecuador decided to suspend its participation in July 2009.

The last meeting of the EU-CAN Joint Committee pdf - 910 KB [910 KB] español (es)  was held on 5 March 2010.

The fight against drugs has always been high on the agenda of the political meetings between the EU and the CAN. The EU-CAN High Level Specialised Dialogue on Drugs was established in the mid-1990’s to bring together high level experts from both sides to exchange views on how best to address the drugs phenomenon and how to coordinate efforts. The last meeting pdf - 30 KB [30 KB] español (es)  of the Dialogue took place in Quito in October 2012.

In its Regional Strategy Paper 2007-2013 pdf - 402 KB [402 KB] Deutsch (de) español (es) français (fr)   the EU earmarked €50 million for the Andean Community. Three priority sectors were identified: Social Cohesion, Regional Economic Integration and Fight Against Illicit Drugs.



  • 12/12/2012
    127 12015 1 1st CELAC-EU Summit /7th EU-LAC Summit, Santiago de Chile, 26-27 January 2013 1st CELAC-EU Summit / 7th EU-LAC Summit, Santiago de Chile, 26-27 January 2013 /la/summits/2013/index_en.htm 12/12/2012 00:00:00 04/02/2008 14:39:00 12/12/2012 00:00:00 nulldate 2012121200 090126248907ed03 N 090126248954cbbf /la/summits/2013/index_en.htm 14341 xml Y /la/summits/2013/index_en.htm 4 /la/summits/2013/index_en.htm /la/summits/2013/index_es.htm /la/summits/2013/index_fr.htm /la/summits/2013/index_pt.htm /la/summits/2013/index_zz.htm N ID_INTERNAL N N
    1st CELAC-EU Summit / 7th EU-LAC Summit, Santiago de Chile, 26-27 January 2013
  • 03/05/2010
    Acta de la XI Reunión de la Comisión Mixta Comunidad Andina - Unión Europeapdf
  • 16/05/2008
    411 12015 1 EU / LAC Lima Summit EU / LAC Lima Summit

    EU´s overall objective for the summit was to reiterate the great importance of the European Union’s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), to underline the genuine mutual interests of the regions and to demonstrate the continuing commitment to strengthening the EU-LAC Strategic Partnership.

    The Lima Summit provided another important opportunity for political dialogue at the highest level in order to address major challenges in a frank and open way and to assess recent developments in both regions. It was also an occasion to give more visibility to the extensive cooperation between both partners, and to analyze the action and policies undertaken within the framework of the EU-LAC Strategic Par

    05/16/2008 00:00:00 12/12/2009 22:58:00 05/16/2008 00:00:00 nulldate 2008051600 09012624827e31b1 N 0901262486ea1e20 /lac/lima/index_en.htm 7795 xml Y /lac/lima/index_en.htm 3 /lac/lima/index_en.htm /lac/lima/index_es.htm /lac/lima/index_pt.htm /lac/lima/index_zz.htm N ID_INTERNAL N N
    EU / LAC Lima Summit

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